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After School registration Forms

Before & After School Programs

Go to the Front Office to learn about our programs!

  • Open enrollment on a first come first serve basis
  • Register as soon as possible — spaces are limited!
  • Dinner will be served at after-school programs
  • Buses are NOT available at this time

Before School Activities

Book Club

When: 7:30–8:00 am Every day

Where: Library

You can do your nightly reading, finish your homework, or research projects in the library. Bring your breakfast and get some help before school.

Contact Maria Garcia  Maria Garcia Educational Assistant

Open Gym

When: 7:30–8:00 am Every day

Where: Gym

Sports offered:

  • Volleyball: August 29 – October 14
  • Basketball: October 17 – December 9 or January 5 – February 24
  • Soccer: January 17 – May 12
  • Track: March 13 – April 28

Note: Students need a physical to participate.

After School

After school activities will take place on-campus from (time) to (time).

Student Newsletter

When: Tuesday & Wednesday

Where: Room 14

Are you interested in taking pictures, meeting new people, going to events, or having your work published for the community to see? Then Join Student Newsletter!