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Electives Department
Contact Carlos Garcia  Carlos Garcia (505) 877-6444 ex: 51153 PE Teacher
Contact April Kishbaugh  April Kishbaugh (505) 877-6444 ex: 51144 Band and Orchestra/Bilingual Orchestra Teacher
Contact Shannon Mccrady  Shannon Mccrady (505) 877-6444 ex: 51140 Fine Arts Teacher
Contact Ebony Olivas  Ebony Olivas (505) 877-6444 ex: 51125 Yearbook/ELA/STEM
Contact Kathryn Valdez White  Kathryn Valdez White (505) 877-6444 ex: 51132 Health, SPIRE/Tech Teacher
Language Arts Department
Contact Carmen Arriaga  Carmen Arriaga (505) 877-6444 ex: 51114 Language Arts/ELD Teacher
Contact Annette Erivez  Annette Erivez (505) 877-6444 ex: 51131 ESL/ Language Arts Teacher
Contact Liset Trigo Naranjo  Liset Trigo Naranjo (505) 877-6444 ex: 51115 Spanish Language Arts Teacher
Mathematics Department
Contact Margarita Barraza  Margarita Barraza (505) 877-6444 ex: 51121 Bilingual Coordinator/AVID Excel/Bilingual Math Teacher
Contact Maria Teresa Hennelly  Maria Teresa Hennelly (505) 877-6444 ex: 51123 Math Teacher
Contact Nestor Lazaro  Nestor Lazaro (505) 877-6444 ex: 51124 Math Teacher
Science Department
Contact Eleanor Hall  Eleanor Hall (505) 877-6444 ex: 51147 Bilingual Science/ELD Teacher
Contact Ericka Maes  Ericka Maes (505) 877-6444 ex: 51151 Science Teacher
Social Studies Department
Contact Kali Petties  Kali Petties (505) 877-6444 ex: 51141 Social Studies/Special Ed ELA/ ELD Teacher
Contact Mark Potter  Mark Potter Social Studies/Bilingual Social Studies LTS
Contact Abigail Seibel  Abigail Seibel (505) 877-6444 ex: 51116 6th/7th Social Studies
Special Education
Contact Esperanza Coca  Esperanza Coca Special Ed Math Teacher
Contact Rosalinda Estidola  Rosalinda Estidola IGS2 Teacher
Contact Paula Gutshall  Paula Gutshall (505) 877-6444 ex: 51135 Global Support Program Teacher
Contact Ewa Lasater  Ewa Lasater (505) 877-6444 ex: 51128 Special Ed Social Studies Teacher
Contact Loretta Lozano  Loretta Lozano (505) 877-6444 ex: 51172 Head Special Education Teacher
Contact Ben Bustos  Ben Bustos Principal
Contact Delilah Lopez  Delilah Lopez (505) 877-6444 ex: 51102 Assistant Principal
Contact Suzanne Newsome  Suzanne Newsome (505) 877-6444 ex: 51105 Dean of Students
Support Staff
Contact Alfred Alderete  Alfred Alderete Educational Assistant
Contact Liat Alkon  Liat Alkon (505) 877-6444 ex: 51139 PT
Contact Valerie Alonzo  Valerie Alonzo (505) 877-6444 ex: 51139 OT
Contact Stefanie Armijo  Stefanie Armijo (505) 877-6444 ex: 51135 Educational Assistant
Contact Suzanne Flores - Chavez  Suzanne Flores - Chavez Front Office Clerk/Attendance Secretary
Contact Anthony Gurule  Anthony Gurule Educational Assistant
Contact Santino Hernandez  Santino Hernandez (505) 877-6444 ex: 51127 Sys Admin & Technology Coordinator
Contact Angelina Moya  Angelina Moya (505) 877-6444 ex: 51120 Health EA/HA
Contact Roxanne Remo  Roxanne Remo Educational Assistant
Contact Josephine Sandoval  Josephine Sandoval (505) 877-6444 ex: 51107 Administrative Assistant
Contact Angelica Santa Ana  Angelica Santa Ana Educational Assistant
Contact R. Clay Szenasi  R. Clay Szenasi (505) 877-6444 ex: 51106 Counselor
Contact Maria Toja Trigo  Maria Toja Trigo Educational Assistant